Help A Bike Rally Participant Reach Their Goal!
Are you a friend or family member of someone registered for the 21st  PWA’s Friends For Life Bike Rally in 2019?

By participating in LOVE BOWL, you can help a Bike Rally participant reach their fundraising goal. LOVE BOWL teams can assign their total TEAM fundraising amount to a Bike Rally participants fundraising goal.

How Does It Work?
On the TEAM registration page, scroll down to the ADDITIONAL QUESTIONS section. You will be asked the following:

When you register, in the ‘Additional Questions’ section, enter the Bike Rally participants’ name into the box (see screenshot below). You’re done!

BR participant on Love Bowl

On March 30, we will apply your TEAM’s total fundraising amount to the Bike Rally participants fundraising goal.

The amount can only be applied to one Bike Rally participant

If you have any questions, please contact Trevor Ouellette, Special Events Coordinator or (416) 506-1400 ext. 238